Avant-Garde Avocats

A cutting-edge network:

Cultural and creative industries

Technological innovations

business engineering

internet of value


A veritable ecosystem of experienced professionals, forged over the founder's 20 years of experience, Avant-Garde Avocats activates the collective intelligence and ability of a team mastering the strategies and legal workings of intangible rights, finance and business.

The founder of the network

Ingrid-Mery Haziot is a lawyer at the Paris Bar, specializing in intellectual property law and founder of the unique network of experienced lawyers: AvantGardeAvocats.

Her practice of culture, media, entertainment and applied arts rights for 20 years, gives her a rare cutting-edge experience to address the legal challenges of the new digital worlds of Web3.

Active member of the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals (FFPB) since 2018, she contributes to the Blockchain and Metaverses strategic committees.

Ingrid-Mery Haziot is co-founder of the NFT Factory, with 127 members of the French Blockchain ecosystem. She gives conferences there and is part of the selection committee of the investors' club.

She teaches media, music and publishing rights to professionals, and has joined the excellent team of Web3 trainers: NonFungibleSpeaker 

Legal voice of the famous French podcast NftMorning, she invites listeners to think outside the legal box on NFTs.

Exploring creation and innovation in all the arts, aesthete and cinephile, his conviction:

“The empires of the future are the empires of thought”
(Winston Churchill).

NFT Factory


NFT REVOLUTION | 1st Edition

Business skills

Lawyers and legal experts

Ingrid-Mery HAZIOT

Intellectual property lawyer


Business engineering lawyer

Loic Fehr

Labor Lawyer


Estate and inheritance lawyer

Web3 Business Advisors

Christophe OZCAN

Tokenomics / Smart Contracts


Jean-Nicolas HINARD

Web3 Agency

Wagmi Studio


NFT Curator

Our leading disciplines

Artistic and industrial property rights for the creative and cultural industries, new and traditional: fine arts, applied arts, digital arts, immersive and interactive content, cinema, music, and literature within the tangible and intangible universes;

Emerging Rights in the Added Web, Personal Data, Sovereign Identity, Internet of Value, within Blockchains and Metaverses.

FinTech, CineTech, ArTech; and other innovative start-ups;

Business and financial engineering;

Taxation and Fundraising;

Compliance and Regulation;

Labor law and labor relations in the media, start-ups and marketplaces;

Consumer law and distance selling;

Property rights of company founders and directors;

Law of artists' estates and cyber-heritage

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