The amount of the fees & the engagement letter


The fees, determined and transparent

Our hourly rate takes into account the level of experience and the specialty of the members of the network.

According to the mission entrusted, we propose an estimate detailing the fees of each speaker which are paid to them directly on invoicing.

The average hourly rate for lawyers in the network is 350 euros excluding tax.


The mission statement, our pact

Avant-Garde Avocats adopts the model of the letter of engagement and fixing of fees and foreseeable budget of intervention, in accordance with the models and recommendations of the National Council of Bars and the Order of Lawyers of the Paris Bar.

We start our mission after the signing of an initial service provision contract, or in the context of an ongoing relationship, according to formalized one-off agreements so that the receipt of an invoice is always anticipated.

We offer missions such as:

  • analysis, advice on a situation or a project
  • feasibility notes and legal opinion
  • strategic consultation and oversight
  • drafting of deeds and contracts
  • making contact and conducting negotiations
  • pre-litigation procedures and follow-up of litigation
  • mediation for the purpose of amicable settlement

Invoicing takes place according to a concerted and adapted formula, at your choice:

  • summary monthly billing at the hourly rate according to the time spent,
  • a half-yearly or annual subscription, an estimated provisional budget at the start of the file, revised by mutual agreement during the mission,
  • a fixed fee supplemented by a performance fee.

A successful recipe

  • Contact Me Ingrid-Mery Haziot for a free videoconference appointment of 15 to 30 minutes
  • Expose your requests and projects to find out about our team offer and effective support budget
  • Sign a fee agreement according to the model proposed by the Paris Bar
  • Pay the provision on fees, the package or the first payment of a subscription
  • And you are accompanied and guided according to the order and the fixed schedule of missions.