Blockchain and the Internet of Value

“It is not between regulation and the absence of regulation that we have to choose. The code regulates.( ..). People write it. So the question is not who will decide how cyberspace is regulated: it will be the coders. The only question is whether we will collectively have a role in choosing them – and therefore how these values are guaranteed – or whether we will leave it to the coders to choose our values for us. »

/ Lawrence Lessig January 2000 – Harvard Magazine, (see

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At the heart of the ecosystem, the partners of the network understand Blockchain technology and its legal issues, to develop agile solutions, taking into account the progress of regulation.
  • Marketplace Web3;
  • Smart contracts & NFT;
  • Cryptoassets and cryptocurrencies;
  • Financial and tax regulatory compliance;
  • Representation before regulatory authorities;
  • Strategy after consultation on regulations outside France by lawyers;
  • CAD, Dapp;
  • Blockchain as a service;
  • Sovereign digital identity;
  • Cryptography;
  • Cybersecurity audits via our partners;
  • Strategy after consultation on regulations outside France by national lawyers