Punkism: Crypto (Daft) Punk remix

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“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming. »

david bowie

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  • Mergers and acquisitions in the sector: acquisition of catalogues, sale of goodwill or takeover of companies in the music production and/or music publishing sector;

  • Advice, negotiation and drafting of exploitation contracts: publishing contracts, preference pact, recording contracts, catalog license, commercial transfer, distribution, co-publishing and co-production;

  • Advice, negotiation and drafting of film music soundtrack commissioning contracts and synchronization licenses for screen music;

  • Advice, negotiation and drafting of management mandates and agent mandates;

  • Advice, negotiation and drafting of contracts for stage performances, touring, audiovisual recording of concerts, options, and live performance production;

  • Questions relating to collective management;

  • Social litigation concerning performers and recording contracts;

  • Social and tax treatment of remuneration paid to authors and performers;

  • Pre-litigation and infringement litigation, of works by several authors;

  • Notarial support of copyright legacies and follow-up of the succession, advice and structuring of the post-mortem management of copyright and neighboring rights;

  • Adviser to Start-ups developing Blockchain solutions for digital distribution platforms with an immediate, instantaneous and transparent transfer mechanism for downloading titles or albums.