The network

Avant-Garde Avocats offers a interprofessional network and multidisciplinary to meet your needs and you to accompany effectively by usingcollective intelligence.

How it works ?

Our atypical intervention model is based on the decentralization of resources, for a better selection of expertise, on a case-by-case basis.
We identify and mobilize for each mission, the specialized and adapted skills, to what you are, to what you want.

Listening and understanding

Our intervention begins with the time of listening to understand you better, identify your needs as precisely as possible, decide on a strategy, and establish a bond of trust essential to move forward together.

Selection & Coordination

Me Ingrid-Mery HAZIOT trains and coordinates a team of competent and insightful stakeholders, chosen within a network forged by our experience and the relationships forged through a practice of advice and litigation, at the service of the creative and cultural industries, and innovation.

Action & Flexibility

Punctual or global, our service is framed by a letter of mission describing the team, our actions and marking our commitments.

We are flexible and can intervene in cooperation with your usual partners, always in a team spirit.

Our role is to provide you with cutting-edge legal services, with consistent support in order to obtain useful and relevant results.

It Includes


Lawyers with at least 10 years of experience: they hold official specialty certificates from the Paris Bar, or are renowned for their sectoral practice.


The network also extends to lawyers abroad, notably in the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Japan, China, Brazil, Israel and the Emirates.

law professors

Law professors, in all legal disciplines, their intervention is invaluable or essential for consultations on specific legal subjects and raising questions of principle or presenting themselves in an uncertain zone of regulation.

Fundraising Advisors

Advisors in the search for funding, public or private, in particular linked to funds interested or dedicated to new media or operating in fundraising for start-ups.

A notarial office

A notarial office, including a notary expert in the world of art and support for authors and artists in family law and inheritance.


Chartered accountants, mastering the rules and practices of the creative and cultural industries and the use of crypto-economy.