Cinema and Audiovisual

“Words that become texts, text that becomes pages, pages that become books whose content is used to create images. »

Peter Greenaway

Our services


  • Negotiation and drafting of rights chains in France and abroad;

  • Copyright assignment contracts;

  • Advice and relations with the heirs;

  • Contracts for the adaptation of pre-existing works (French and foreign books, plays, remakes, sequels, video games, etc.);

  • Scenario or graphic bible contracts;

  • Contract for the purchase of foreign formats, in particular with regard to the production of TV series or streaming programs;

  • Institutional film contract;

  • Contract for new interactive, immersive and 3D content for museums, exhibitions, artistic events;

  • Analysis of the content of works with regard to issues related to the violation of personality rights, privacy, defamation, counterfeiting;

  • Management of relations between co-authors in an amicable approach on the analysis of their contribution;

  • Negotiation and drafting of development financing contracts: soficas, private investors, development agreements concluded with broadcasters, audiovisual groups, etc.


  • Structuring of the financing of works: sofica contracts, broadcasters, co-producers, private investors, foreign co-producers, experimental tokenization via Blockchain, etc. ;

  • Assistance and advice in the preparation of grant application files;

  • Assistance and advice in the preparation of film approval files by the CNC, particularly in the case of international co-production;

  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts for French and foreign performers;

  • Negotiation and drafting of all contracts relating to the filming of works: set rental agreement, transfer of rights to works incorporated into a film, etc.;

  • Implementation of securities (pledge and delegation of revenue);

  • Negotiation and drafting of all contracts relating to film music;

  • E&O insurance (support for producers and distributors);

  • Adaptation of contracts to advanced creative technologies, IA, XR, AR, VR;


  • Negotiation and drafting of all contracts relating to the exploitation of works: transfer of broadcasting rights, transfer abroad, transfer of derivative rights (remake, sequel, novelization, adaptation in the form of video games, etc.) ;


  • Analysis and negotiation of contracts with OTT and VOD;


  • Legal management of film catalogs;


  • Advice on restoration operations and digitization of heritage films;


  • Operations and audit of sale of production companies;


  • Operation and audit of film catalog transfer;


  • Management of pre-litigation with any participant;


  • Statuses and conflicts between authors;


  • Preparation, organization and support of author succession with a corresponding specialized notary from our Network;


  • Optimization of the personal tax and social situation with a corresponding tax expert from our Network;
  • Presentation of solutions using the Blockchain in particular for upstream investment, the monitoring of production expenses with paid operators, and especially revenue feedback.